Programmer, Designer, Entrepreneur, Games Enthusiast

My passion for gaming was sparked in the first grade when I saved up my allowance for a GameBoy Colour and Pokemon: Blue Version. My favourite games are Dark Souls, Limbo, Portal, The Binding of Isaac, Team Fortress 2, Hotline Miami, Darkest Dungeon, Super Mario 64 - ah... there are too many to list.

I enjoy programming, creating 2D art, and designing games. In 2013 I started an independent game studio, 2DM Games, with my partner Dan Moran. We shipped two titles with a third in the works. In spring 2014 I graduated from Queen's University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. My last industry job was at Jetpack Interactive in Vancouver BC as a programmer and designer and right now I am at Skybox Labs as a programmer working on their original IP, Lethal Tactics. My first indie title to reach Steam and a larger audience is Pony Island!

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