Hello! This site is out of date. I was using it as a digital résumé for job applications in 2014, but now I work for myself.

Here is the official website for Daniel Mullins Games.

And you can find some of my smaller projects and game jam entries on my itch.io page!

Published Games

Pony Island

Pony Island is a suspense puzzle game in disguise. You are in limbo, trapped in a malevolent and malfunctioning arcade machine devised by the devil himself. It is not a game about ponies.

This mostly solo project began as a Game Jam entry for Ludum Dare 31 (theme: "Entire Game On One Screen") in 2014. During the first half of 2015 I worked infrequently on the game, mostly concerned with getting Greenlit and/or finding a publisher to bring it to Steam and other PC distributors. When I succeeded in getting the game approved for Steam, I concentrated my full efforts on it and, after about 6 full months of development it was complete. The music was original and created by Jonah Senzel. The design of the first 30 minutes of the game (originally the demo) was greatly assisted by Simon Jenkins, an experienced industry game designer. I created all code, art assets (with the exception of some 3D assets) and the design for the subsequent acts of the game. Playtesting was absolutely essential to the end result and everyone who played the game during development made a significant contribution, especially my girlfriend Tasha, who had to continuously suffer through the levels and puzzles that only I had ever played and were way too hard.

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Navigate mind-bending puzzles on the fringes of the universe using only the gravity of planetary bodies to reach your destination. Become immersed in the nebulous tones and beautiful colors of deep space.

I was one of two programmers for Grav and the sole level designer. I also contributed to the 2D art, audio, and the game design. The trailer was created by me. This game was created independently under 2DM Games.

Android App | Web Version


Agent Maxwell: Master of Math

Agent Maxwell: Master of Math is an educational math game for iOS with an adaptive learning algorithm to track the player's progress. It automatically tracks the difficulty level as the child learns & masters mathematical skills. 

I was the sole programmer for Agent Maxwell. I also contributed to the 2D art, the adaptive learning algorithm, and the game/level design. The trailer was created by me. This game was created under contract for 614a Studios.

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